Tuesday, 27 January 2009

6 weeks today!

Im exactly 6 weeks today - officially half way through they 1st trimester! :)

I had an ultrasound this morning. I was really nervous but it went well. Turns out I am not having twins though.. the lady who did the ultrasound could only see 1 sac. But she explained to me that sometimes when the egg implants in the uterus it can cause a bleed, which can sometimes be mistaken for an early gestational sac. I am ok with that though, I am perfectly happy with one baby <3

Anyway, all is good! Baby is in the right place, we saw the yolk sac, fetal pole and a HEARTBEAT!!! :D Here is my little baby <3


(the circle is the yolk sac, and the tiny blob joined onto that is baby)

I have another ultrasound booked for 17th Feb when I will be 9 weeks, so I hope to see more then.


Lindsay said...

Woo Hoo Kate!!! Congratulations!!

Dikeledi said...

Congratulations - one baby is miracle enough, and will keep you busy enough when she will be born :)

Julia said...

Congratulations !!
Do take pretty care of you and this cute little baby : )


The Sellars' said...

Hi! I am a stranger to you, but found your blog through a search for winter freebies (which I downloaded your SUPER cute WinterBlues freebie... THANKS!) ... anywhoo... I'm very new at this digi scrapbooking thing, but thought it pretty cool that you and I are about the same in our pregnancies! I am having #4 though! =-) My little ones are almost 4, almost 2, and 9 months! They will be super close together, but my hubby and I are really excited! Congrats to you and your new little one! I love your ultrasound stuff on your page!
~ Julie (danjulz156@yahoo.com)