Saturday, 1 November 2008

A siggy I made

I though I would share a siggy with you :) I did it for a weekly siggy challenge we do on Justmommies. It was a tough one this week as we could only use one font which was 'Times New Roman' and we could'nt use any brushes, papers or elements from scrapkits either. Here is what I came up with, I quite like it even though I was'nt too sure at first. It's a little different but hey... different is good ( i think) lol!!



babymeow24 said...

You did a fantastic job! If I were apart of that group, I'd vote for your siggy! :)

trishalfaro said...

I'm sorry, I'm new to the digital scrapping world... a few questions... what is a "siggy"? and what is a "tagger"? THANK YOU!

Oh, and thank you for the wonderful freebies! I love your work!